HR FocusFAIR  - Thursday 22 March 2012 - Euston, London

For HR specialists, managers and all those who take on this role for their organisation

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  9:30 – Registration
10.00 - 11.30

Strategic HR in Difficult Times

These are game changing times for the sector, and HR is needed more than ever. Change is our business and managing people should always be at the heart of an organisation’s success. This workshop covers a strategic overview of the importance of investing in HR at all levels; giving ideas about priorities and covering the latest HR benchmarks.

Speaker: Gill Taylor

Data Protection and Volunteers

Are your volunteers a weak link in your Data Protection Compliance? Without a contract, how can you ensure that your volunteers are just as reliable as paid staff? This workshop looks at the issues that arise in three situations: where volunteers work alongside paid staff; where they deliver services, such as home visits; and where they run your local branches without much (or any) supervision.

Speaker: Paul Ticher

Conflict Resolution

Conflict in the workplace can sometimes be inevitable. This workshop aims to provide managers with a practical skill set to allow for clear communication in these situations. It explores tried and tested methods and techniques to enable managers to successfully negotiate conflict resolution. The main workshop objective is to empower managers as successful communicators and pre-empt situations that create tensions within the workforce.

Speaker: Annette Strong

11.45 - 13.15

Strategic Performance Management

Why do so many organisations put so much energy and expense into an appraisal process that seems to deliver so little for them? There must be a better way of managing the performance of our most precious and most expensive resource. This workshop will deal with a better way of strategically aligning our people’s performance to organisational objectives.

Speaker: Steve Prince

Discipline and Dismissal - Good practice, Including Investigations

This workshop covers good practice in handling disciplinaries, clear procedures and actions leading to fair dismissals. It also covers the latest legal changes including tribunal reforms and case law as well as details of fair procedure and guidance for using them effectively. Finally it explores how to prepare for a disciplinary interview.

Speaker: Gill Taylor

Confidentiality Issues

Confidentiality is a cornerstone in many organisations. It overlaps with data protection, but they are not the same. HR can, and should, do much more than just a standard confidentiality clause in the staff contract. This workshop looks at the importance of an HR perspective on confidentiality that runs through the staff journey from contract and induction to ongoing training supervision and monitoring.

Speaker: Paul Ticher

Lunch 13.15 - 14.15
14.15 - 15.00

Free Plenary Session: HR & Employment Law Update
This FREE session will provide you with an update on key areas in Employment Law & HR to ensure compliance and minimise risks.
Speakers: Jane Klauber and Gill Taylor

15.15 - 16.45

Job Evaluation and Salary Setting: Pay and Reward Policy

This workshop will cover “What is Job evaluation?” and “When do I need to do it?” It will look at common schemes in the sector and a detailed flow chart of action. The second part will cover reward policy and how we can help staff feel rewarded when we can’t pay much in salary increases.

Speaker: Gill Taylor

Contracts Issues

This workshop will provide practical advice on the employment contract including:

  • Creating a contract
  • Express, implied and incorporated terms
  • The Statement of Particulars
  • Useful clauses
  • Changing contractual terms.

Speaker: Russell-Cooke Solicititors

HR in a Leadership Role

The HR function in organisations is required to take on an ever expanding role. This workshop will discuss the ways in which HR joins the dots of strategic and operational goals and can work with management to lead effective business change through the successful management of people.

Speaker: Annette Strong

  Tea, coffee and biscuits are available throughout the day
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